OnCap™ Low Retention Additive

Easily repel water and fluids from polyolefin labware and pipettes

Would your olefinic application benefit from the ability to repel water or fluids? Whether it’s labware or industrial fixtures, our OnCap™ Low Retention Additive is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

This functional additive is designed for polypropylene and polyethylene usage and enables the material surface to repel water or other liquids at room temperature. This additive also minimizes the need to apply secondary coatings or wetting processes to accomplish the same performance. No solvents nor wetting agents are required to repel.

With our OnCap Low Retention Additive, you can: 

  • Eliminate secondary production operations, such as coatings or wettings
  • Deliver the last drop out of a polyolefin package with ease
  • Reduce residual content within a polyolefin container
  • Reduce production costs