OnColor™ BIO Colorants

OnColor™ BIO Colorants

For brilliant color with biodegradable materials

Looking for new ways to lower environmental impact and improve sustainability? OnColor™ BIO color concentrates are specially designed to perform well with bioplastics such as PLA, PHA, PHBV, PBS, PBAT and special blends of those materials. Most importantly, these colorants don’t compromise the organic recyclability of the resins they enhance.


The ingredients in OnColor BIO color concentrates were carefully chosen to meet industry requirements and legislation, while offering a full pallet of color choices. Custom shades are available upon request.


Based on sustainable raw materials, these color concentrates meet several global industry and composting standards, including:

  • EN 13432 (European Union)
  • ASTM D6400 (USA)
  • BPS GREENPLA (Japan)
  • DIN CERTCO (Germany)

Combining OnColor BIO with bio-based polymers helps to reduce the risk and cost of post-process testing. This then enables converters to take full advantage of the emerging market for home-compostable bags and packaging.

OnColor BIO concentrates have received OK compost HOME certification from Vinçotte, a leading independent testing firm. Using these concentrates in bio-degradable packaging can help avoid the significant costs and time required to test products for at-home compostability.

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