Infrared (IR) Sortable Black

OnColor™ IR Sortable Black for Recyclable Packaging

Support the Circular Economy -Turn Former Waste into Recyclable Packaging

OnColor™ Infrared (IR) Sortable Black for Recyclable Packaging is a black colorant created without the addition of carbon black pigments. It permits black polymers to be detected by near infrared (NIR) automatic sorting equipment, enabling subsequent recycling.

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  • No presence of carbon black
  • Black color palette available with 8 shades
  • Customized sortable black upon request
  • Solid or liquid form
  • Resins: PO or PET bottles, caps, PO or PET trays
  • Processes: extrusion, injection, thermoforming
  • Tested successfully on an industrial sorting line

OnColor™ IR Sortable Black

Product description, key characteristics, and applications of OnColor™ IR Sortable Black.


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