Colorant Chromatics™ Inks for FEP/PFA Marking

Striping for large diameter, high temperature wire

The inherent high viscosity of these Colorant Chromatics™ ink formulations enables excellent striping for larger diameter, high temperature FEP and PFA wire applications. These are water-based dispersions, which means there are no organic solvents involved in your printing process, while light-stable pigments reduce the risk of color fading.

For smaller diameters the viscosity should be reduced with distilled water and a Colorant Chromatics wetting agent. Our experts are happy to discuss your needs and recommend a solution that satisfies your processing and product quality requirements.


  • Standard range of colors available
  • Custom colors can be designed to meet your application requirements
  • Colors are heavy metal-free 
  • Inorganic and organic light stable pigments
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