Colorant Chromatics™ LND Coatings for PTFE/FEP

LND Coatings for PTFE/FEP

Reducing radiation and noise interference

Low Noise Dispersion (LND) coatings effectively act as shielding to reduce the influence of outside radiation and reducing the radio frequency noise. Colorant Chromatics™ LND coatings are commonly used for low noise coaxial cables with a dielectric core of PTFE. These highly specialized solutions add application flexibility as they can also be used as an antistatic coating on PTFE impregnated glass cloth, or as a resistance carrier for heating bands.  

Low noise coaxial cables (e.g. RG-404/U) are defined in US military specification MIL-C-17E and other PTFE coaxial cores could also be treated with low noise dispersions.