Geon™ Cellular Vinyl

Geon cellular vinyl formulations are engineered to give you better consistency and light weight performance for specific applications, including trim & molding, windows & doors, decking, fencing, and luxury vinyl tile. These vinyl cellular grades use a proprietary technology that delivers consistent cell structure and improved stability, eliminating material striation and risk of separation during storage or shipping. 


  • Lighter weight finished goods reduce shipping costs and ease installation
  • Consistent foaming with a smooth, uniform cell structure for a high quality look and feel
  • Higher extrusion rates and lower scrap rates reduce material, labor and line time costs
  • Moisture-resistant material won’t rot, warp or decay
  • Eliminates need for painting or staining

Geon Cellular Vinyl
Product Series Primary Application Characteristics / SG
E2000 series Trim, Window and Door Interior 0.65
E2100 series Trim, Window and Door Exterior 0.65
E2300 series Trim, Window and Door Substrate Core 0.65
E2400 series Decking, Fencing Substrate Core 0.6 – 0.7
E2700 series Fencing Exterior 0.6 – 0.7
E2800 series LVT Core Core 0.8
E2900 series Tolling Toll
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