ECCOH™ Low Smoke and Fume Non-Halogen Formulations

Well-suited for environments where smoke and toxic mitigation are of concern

ECCOH™ non-halogenated formulations have been designed to be highly flame retardant with very low toxicity and smoke density. These solutions are well-suited for environments where smoke mitigation is of particular concern, such as those within closed spaces where means of escape is restricted (e.g., hotels, large office blocks, off-shore installations, trains, metros, and ships).  


  • Non-halogenated, flame retardant system
  • High material flexibility
  • Environmental stress crack resistance
  • Good electrical properties
  • Many cross-linkable grades that can be associated with color or additive concentrate, with UV stabilizer to meet specific application needs

Name Category Description  
Case Study - Railway Data Cables Enter New Market
Case Study
ECCOH materials used in China for railway data cables, earned DIN certification and passed European EN test for smoke, gas and toxicity
Case Study - Railway Safety Underground
Case Study
ECCOH™ cable compounds meet London Underground requirements for low smoke and toxicity
Product Bulletin
Low smoke and toxicity for flame-retardant applications; product names, base resins and portfolios

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