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NEU™ Custom Capabilities

NEU™ Custom Capabilities has the right variety in material options to meet the formulation specifications of your catheter; including an assortment of base resins, radiopacifiers, performance additives, and colors. We can work with an array of specialty nylons, TPUs, engineered polyolefins or PEBA materials to deliver a formulation that meets your approved material specification.

NEU™ custom formulations are products of NEU Specialty Engineered Materials, LLC.


NEU™ has the material and formulation expertise to manufacture the right solution for you. We work with a variety of base resins and additives to achieve your desired performance attributes.

  • Common base resins: TPU, PEBA, Nylons, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, TPE
  • Common additives: UV stabilizers, antioxidants, radiopacifiers, anti-static, lubricity, precolor



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