Color & Additive Combination Masterbatches

Get the color and performance you need from one concentrate.

Achieving aesthetics and performance don’t need to be separate activities. With OnColor™ Smartbatch™ color and additive concentrates, your products can have both the color you want and the performance enhancement you need in a single masterbatch. Reduce equipment downtime, cut unnecessary steps and simplify your overall production operation with the addition of just one concentrate.

Available in various physical forms for different manufacturing processes, the perfect masterbatch for your product is closer than you think.

OnColor™ Smartbatch™ Color & Additive Concentrates

Keep it simple: Get the color and additive enhancement you need from a single concentrate


OnColor™ Smartbatch™ FX color & additive concentrates for paint replacement

Molded-in color hides scratches, withstands tough weather and helps you optimize manufacturing efficiency. Learn how you can make the switch.


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