Colorant Dispersions

Give your products a boost of color and maintain chemical standards with PolyOne's extensive range of Color Dispersions. These products are used in a variety of applications across industries and markets that include automotive, fabric coating, cookware, infant care, extrusion, health care, defense and more. Speak to our team of experts to explore ways to customize and improve your coloration process.

Solutions are available for various carrier systems, including:

  • Silicone
  • Rubber
  • Epoxy
  • Urethane
  • Vinyl
  • Plasticizers

GSDI™ Silcogum™ Colors for HCR

Streamline your coloration development and improve color quality with these dispersions High Consistency Silicone Rubber.


Stan-Tone™ Silicone Paste Colors

Widely used in rubber and plastics, these colors are available in a wide variety of standard and customizable formulations.


GSDI™ Silcopas™ RTV Colors

For one or two part RTV formulations, these color systems will meet both color requirements and chemistry standards. 


GSDI™ Silcopas™ Colors for LSR

Advanced colors for Liquid Silicone Rubber that are primarily used in injection molding applications and can help improve product quality and processing.


Stan-Tone™ WDN Water Dispersions

Carefully controlled to meet sensitive standards for dispersions, pH levels, strength and shade, Stan-Tone™ WDN Water Dispersions provide consistent color value and tint strength. 


Stan-Tone™ EPX Epoxy Dispersions

Epoxy Dispersions used in a variety of thermoset epoxy systems as protective coatings, adhesives, epoxy flooring, electrical potting, laminates and decorative jewelry.



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