OnFlex™ Thermoplastic Elastomers

OnFlex™ Thermoplastic Elastomers, with their broad range of base chemistries, can make your product perform like nothing else on the market.

OnFlex TPEs are designed to meet the requirements and end-use environments in the building and construction, transportation and industrial markets. This family of thermoplastic elastomers utilizes multiple technologies to create formulations with drilled-down, specialized characteristics.


  • High heat and chemical resistance
  • Automotive approved grades
  • Good compression set
  • Adhesion to a range of engineering plastics
  • Flame retardant grades
  • Extrusion, injection, and blow moldable
  • Glass reinforced products
  • Weatherable 

OnFlex Thermoplastic Elastomers
Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
OnFlex BIO Series Durable and abrasion resistant grades based on biorenewable polymers Excellent surface finish Abrasion resistance
OnFlex S EF Series General purpose, high flow Good mechanical strength Excellent processability
OnFlex S EH Series General purpose, UV stabilized WIde temperature operating range Good colorability
OnFlex S HF Series Flame retardant grades, halogen free Excellent UV stability Compliance with UL 94 V-O
OnFlex S KE Series ABS, PC, acrylic and copolyester overmold Excellent adhesion to a variety of polar substrates Good compression set
OnFlex S KA Series Nylon overmolding grades for use at elevated temperatures Good processability Good mechanical properties
OnFlex S KG Series General purpose nylon overmolding grade Good colorability Good cost/performance ratio
OnFlex HT Series Low compression set, low stress relaxation, EN681-2 compliant Excellent mechanical properties Good elevated temperature compression set
OnFlex S FR Series Flame retardant grades with good performance at elevated temperatures Good mechanical properties Good elevated temperature compression set
OnFlex U Automotive Series Low fogging, matte, abrasion resistant, weatherable Good scratch resistance Good chemical resistance
OnFlex U 5300 Series Excellent scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance Good processability Good scratch resistance
OnFlex LO Series An easy processing TPE designed for automotive interior applications that offers low odor and low fogging compared to traditional materials Low to no odor Low to no fogging
OnFlex AF Series An easy processing TPE with excellent sealing properties and good surface finish Good compression set Good aesthetics
Name Category Description  
Case Study - Automaker Optimizes Quality and Productivity
Case Study
Elastomeric insert for automotive supplier created with styrenic block polymers for UV stabilization
Case Study - Cardiac Device Exceeds Expectations
Case Study
Custom OnFlex™ TPE made for automated external defibrilllator (AED)
Case Study - Garden Sprayer Gets a Better Grip
Case Study
OnFlex-S used for overmolding handgrips onto ABS resin
Case Study - Halogens Removed from Electrical Junction Boxes
Case Study
Schneider Electric removes halogens from electrical junction boxes with use of OnFlex™ TPE
Case Study - OnFlex HVAC
Case Study
Equipment manufacturer heats up profits with a cool solution
GLS Product Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
General and tensile properties, regulatory standards, bonding capabilities and process details for TPEs
HVAC Automotive Applications
Application Bulletin
GLS OnFlex LO in automotive HVAC applications 
TPE Injection Molding Guide
Design Guide
Guide to part design, mold design, hot runner systems, overmolding, machine selection, material handling and preparation, processing conditions and troubleshooting
TPE Overmold Design Guide
Design Guide
Guide to overmolding material selection, part and mold design, material handling and preparation, TPE injection molding, processing, maximizing adhesion and troubleshooting
TPEs for Automotive HVAC Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Improve vehicle air quality with TPEs for automotive HVAC flaps

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