Rapid color development: ColorMatrix™ Select

ColorMatrix™ Select Rapid Color Creation and Supply

The ColorMatrix™ Select service combines advanced liquid colorants, cloud-access software and automated dispensing technology to grant brand managers, converters and designers greater control of their color development and supply chain.

Take advantage of our rapid color creation capabilities at one of the ColorMatrix Select facilities located worldwide, or install the technology in-house for maximum control and efficiency in developing new colors. Both of these solutions give you more power than ever to respond to market demands and gain a competitive edge.

Service Features

Rapid Color Design and Choice: Create a new color simply by inputting your own standard, spectrophotometer or colorimeter data, or use the software’s built-in design tools to determine a new color. You have instant access to a wide range of formulations with the latest pricing, performance and regulatory information available upfront.

Global Availability: Your formulations can be produced locally for customers to shorten lead times and achieve color consistency and brand integrity.

Inventory and Purchasing Flexibility: Customers can order what they want, when they need it with no minimum order quantity, leading to less waste and a more efficiently managed inventory. 


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