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Your goal is to create differentiated products that delight and engage your customers. Getting there can sometimes feel like a long, winding road. We'll help shorten the journey with solutions and services that speak to aesthetics, performance and production targets. At home, at work, or at play, consumers interact with our materials everyday in countless products.  Let's work together to overcome your challenges and create breakthrough products that will fascinate your customers.



Shooting Sports

Whether you need to increase dimensional stability, enhance aesthetics or improve comfort, we can help you design innovative products that aren’t possible with traditional materials and bring the future to your customers today. 


Personal Care

Our materials and colorants give you the freedom to design a more compelling product. From strength and stiffness to surface feel, texture, colors and effects, choose from our practical and cost-effective solutions to add the visual / sensory experiences and high quality perception that delight consumers.



Sports and leisure activities, from little leagues to the great outdoors, are a growing market. Our materials can help you provide durable, long-lasting products that attract your customers while eliminating production steps, weight and cost. 



Don’t just keep up with the Joneses...get the latest in designer materials for the highly competitive housewares market, and watch your products leap over the competition with our specialty materials and services.


Lawn and Garden

From digging in the dirt to nurturing a summer vegetable garden, consumers need durable tools that won’t slip and still look great after exposure to intense UV rays. Our engineered polymer formulations, thermoplastic elastomers and colorants are the answer.


Child Care and Toys

Your products help parents and their children make the most of family life from dawn to dusk. Our materials can help you enhance the safety, tactile experience, aesthetics, usability and sustainability of infant and child care goods as well as toys.



Cosmetic formulators, take note: you can develop rich, custom colors in a few steps and eliminate inefficient, messy processes with Colorsperse™ Technologies.


Hand and Power Tools

Weekend DIYers and construction pros aren't all that different. They increasingly demand durable materials that withstand abrasion and chemicals, yet are comfortable to hold. We'll give you the means to bring comfort, safety and durability to this market.


Let us help you realize your possibilities...

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