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The textile industry covers a wide variety of applications ranging from apparel and carpets to vehicle upholstery and furniture, and all of these come with a long list of challenges that need to be met by brands and manufacturers. Adding value to your supply chain is what we do best, whether it’s with market-leading polymer materials, innovative fiber coloration systems or high-performance screen printing inks.

We understand your need for sustainable solutions that maximize production efficiency and flexibility while enabling you to meet performance demands. We will work closely with you to understand your exact requirements and challenges to develop a solution that is tailored to you, while delivering full technical and regulatory support.

So whether you’re looking for the next big thing in fiber coloration, an automated dispensing solution for your printing inks or an anti-slip vinyl backing for your carpet application, speak to our experts to find the solution that works for you.



Fiber Colorants

Discover a world of opportunity when you choose ColorMatrix™ Fiber Color Solutions. This breakthrough technology helps you save water, reduce chemical usage and maintain a competitive edge in the textile industry.  



Screen Printing Inks

PolyOne's Wilflex™ brand focuses on total ink room management and we can help you set up an efficient and cost-effective system using screen printing inks that are renowned in the industry for quality, consistency and innovation.


Fiber Additives

From texture and finish to performance, our fiber additives can help you differentiate and are formulated to be compatible with our colorants to provide functional & aesthetic solutions.


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