Keeping You Soaring Ahead

Advancements in the aerospace industry are evolving at Mach speed and it can be a challenge to keep up.  When you work with PolyOne, we can help you stay on the cutting edge with our innovative polymer solutions.

You can design transparencies and canopies for visibility, UV IR transmission reduction and impact & chemical resistance without limiting your design possibilities. Our specially formulated acrylics give you the ability to create unique, cut-to-size geometries and color tinting without sacrificing optical clarity or visible transmittance.

We can help you identify metal replacement opportunities in electrical and interior components for light weighting to increase fuel economy while improving functionality, performance and aesthetics.

Need low-volume and prototype manufacturing capabilities? Our 3D printing capabilities in high temperature resin systems can help you fine-tune your designs efficiently and cost-effectively.



Bulkhead Laminates, Tray Tables, Seating Components, Window Shades, Brackets, Table Arms, Overhead Bin Structures, Structural Flooring and Walls, Galley and Lav Components

Electrical & Lighting

High Temperature Jacketing, Shielding, and Non-halogen and Low Smoke Jacketing for Wire & Cable; Shielded Connectors, Shielded Enclosures, High Temperature Connectors, LED Heat Sinks


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